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Financial Tools

Try out some interactive financial tools. Enter your data and you will get answers and a personalized report for each tool.

Use this calculator to see how much you could be earning if you increased your payment on anyone of your debts.

This calculator will show you how much you will save if you make 1/2 of your mortgage payment every two weeks.

This calculator will help you decide whether or not you should refinance you current mortgage at a lower interest rate.

This calculator will convert your non-monthly payments into monthly equivalents, and provide a total. A great budgeting tool!

This calculator will show you how much interest you will earn over a period of time, given an interest rate, an initial investment, and a fixed monthly addition.

This calculator will take into account multiple variables when comparing the costs of two car buying scenarios.

This calculator will show you the lost interest earnings that result after spending a dollar amount on a non-appreciating, non-necessary item.

This information and the interactive tools are provided for your personal use. Ascension Accounting does not and cannot guarantee the tools will apply to your specific needs, nor can we guarantee their accuracy. We encourage you to seek professional qualified advice regarding your personal financial needs.

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