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Are you tired of spending precious time on tasks you hadn't anticipated when you dreamed of starting your own business?

Are you looking for someone with integrity and reliability to step in and take over those important (but tedious) duties that bog you down?

Is your business growing but you feel you can't afford to pay the fees of a CPA or big accounting firm?

We are here to help!

Ascension Accounting, Inc. offers the accounting and bookkeeping services for businesses like yours; business looking to improve their performance through the use of affordable and accurate record keeping methods, allowing you to concentrate on your most important job . . .

. . . The job of building that successful business of yours!

Please allow us to show you how we can assist you with your important accounting needs.

Why the Climbing Pictures?

Gloria Petrie, the owner of Ascension Accounting Inc., and her husband John, have enjoyed many trips to the fabulous mountains we find nestled here in the Pacific Northwest. There is a high level of commitment needed to reach the top of any peak; a commitment to rise above the norm, to succeed where the task may seem daunting. We hope the photos will help convey that attitude and commitment to you our welcome visitor.

Ascension Accounting, Inc.

Here to assist business owners, managers, and individuals maintain a higher level of control and understanding of their finances.

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